Design Process

Please read:

1.  Please be sure to read my Design Terms - when you make a payment, you are agreeing to my terms.

2.  Choose a Package & Payment - when payment is received you will be added to my queue.

3.  Please email me when you have made a payment.

4.  Fill out the Design Form.  Please give me as much information as possible about what you want in your design.

5.  Design feedback - when I start your design, I will have a Test Blog set up for your viewing pleasure.  You can email me with changes you would like to see.  Feedback in this process is important, so I know you're getting the design you want.

6.  Installing your design - Once the final payment has been'll go into your permissions page and invite me to be an author.  When I have accepted, you will go back in to your permissions page and grant me 'administrator privileges'.  Then, I can start the install of your design.  When I'm completed finished and you are satisfied with the results, you will delete me as an author and I will no longer have access to your blog.