Design Terms


Simply Whimsy Designs accepts Paypal Payments Only. Please Note, by paying (partial or full payments) for your makeover you are agreeing to the Terms Of Design.


Simply Whimsy Designs does not offer Refunds for partial or full payments.


I retain intellectual property of your design, and require that all parts of the design remain intact. If you are wanting to change any elements of the design, you must first remove Simply Whimsy Designs template and choose a new one.I retain all copyright ownership unless the copyright is purchased for an additional fee. Every design, is a reflection of my design capabilities. If it is altered in any way it no longer represents my design. If you would like a redesign or update, please email me.


When I start your design I will be emailing often during the duration of the design process. This process often requires many quick emails and/or communicating using a chat. The more we can communicate the faster we can get your new design finished and installed. This is also important so I can stay on schedule for current and future clients.


Obtaining copyrights and permission for any photos or design elements is the responsibility of the client. Simply Whimsy Designs is in no way responsible or liable for photos or design elements provided by the client. Please get permission BEFORE you provide them to SWDesigns.


With so many browsers out there and several versions...SWDesigns asks that you make sure you update your browser to the most current version offered. I recommend the most current version of Firefox.

Design Credits

After installation an SWDesigns button will be placed in on of your sidebars. SWDesigns require that you keep this button somewhere in your sidebars. You can move it but please don't remove it. Also, there will be a Simply Whimsy Designs credit, at the bottom of the page.

Simply Whimsy Designs will not participate in the designing of a blog that is considered to be vulgar or crude.

Excessive Revisions are subject to an additional fee of $25 hr.  SWDesigns will inform you if you are beginning to reach the excessive point

For Your Info:  SWDesigns will not be responsible for the installation of gadgets or widgets installed on your blog.


Please be aware that SWDesigns does not give refunds. If you cancel your order you will lose your partial or full payment.